The use of unmanned aircrafts has brought aerial imaging and video recording to the reach of every budget. The small and versatile vehicles used by Advector make it possible to shot in almost any kind of terrain at low altitude, or even indoors, with minimal risks to operators.

Adapted to different types of cameras and sensors, our drones can capture key information for a wide range of applications like topography, agriculture, minning, infraestructure, among others.

Multirotors Advector

Ortho-mosaic generation with or without geo-tagging and digital elevation models (DEM) with resolutions up to 1cm/pixel and 1m precision without ground control points (10cm with control points):

  • Area and border calculations.
  • Topography and map reconstruction.
  • Territorial planning and land use.
  • Altimetry and contour lines.
  • Risk assessment.
Digital Photogrametry
Sabana de Torres: 20ha, 7cm/pixel. Geo-tagged mosaic.
Gachancipa Phtogrametry
Gachancipá: 25ha, 4cm/pixel. Orthomosaic in Google Maps.

Point cloud generation (as with LiDAR), meshes with or without texture and 3D models of surfaces, buildings and infraestructure in general for aplications like:

  • Flood risk analyisis.
  • Irrigation systems design.
  • Analysis of geo-stability.
  • Geological analysis.
  • Inventory of infraestructure.
Point cloaud
Pacho: 2.5ha, 5cm/pixel. Point cloud.
3D model Suesca
Suesca: Point cloud, mesh and 3D model.

The use of drones for precision agriculture is the technology that will revolutionize the field of agro-industry in the upcoming years. Advector, Unmanned Systems, is the first in Colombia and one of the few in the region to put at your disposal the genertion of geotagged mosaics with multispectral images that may be used in applications such as:

  • Disease and nutritional needs detection in different crops.
  • Accurate plant counting for crop inventory.
  • Identification of physicochemical problems affecting crop productivity.
  • Identification of environmental impacts.
  • Field management and verification land boundaries.
Oilpalm Sabana de Torres
Sabana de Torres: 6ha, 3cm/pixel.
NDVI in Alban
Alban: 5ha, 15cm/pixel, NDVI.

Our portfolio of services includes the generation of high resolution panoramas and 360º views, very usefull in advertisement, construction and media production.

Panoramic 1
Panoramic 2
Panoramic 3
Panoramic 4

Halfway between the small recreational multirotors and high-end VTOLs, Araknos has just the right size to be easy to transport and handle and at the same time have the capacity required for the vast majority of applications. Designed with the customer in mind, the Araknos can easily be modified on request to satisfy the demanding requirements of our users.

The main characteristics of the Araknnos are:

  • Distance between motors: 620 mm.
  • Weight without payload: 1,7 Kgf.
  • Maximum takeof weight: 2,5 Kgf.
  • Endurance: 20 minutes.
  • Onboard logging of time and position information.
  • Automatic GPS navigation, altitud control and orientation.
  • Automatic oparation of payload.

Based on the successful design of the Araknos V2, the Koleopteros is large and powerful and has a lower cargo compartment allowing a significant increase in the capacity and type of payload it can carry. Despite its larger size, his arms fold to store and transport the Koleópteros in a medium box, similar to that of his little brother, the Araknos.

Las principales características del Koleópteros son:

  • Distance between motors: 680 mm.
  • Weight without payload: 3,6 Kgf.
  • Maximum takeof weight: 5,0 Kgf.
  • Endurance: 20 minutes.
  • Onboard logging of time and position information.
  • Automatic GPS navigation, altitud control and orientation.
  • Automatic oparation of payload.

With a modular structure that make it easily to transport and deploy on site and the same robust automatic control system of Araknos and Koleópteros, Buteos LTE can also carry out missions without operator intervention, integrated payload handling, manual operation with assisted control functions and advanced functions for automatic flight and safety.

  • Wing span: 2540 mm.
  • Lenght: 1170 mm.
  • Weight without payload: 5000 gr.
  • Payload: 500 - 1000 gr.
  • Power: electrical.
  • Endurance: 120 - 90 minutes.
  • Range: 125km without telemetry.
  • Onboard logging of time and position information.
  • Automatic GPS navigation, altitud control and orientation.
  • Automatic oparation of payload.

Manufacture by our parnters in Eagle Brother UAV, who are specialized in the manufacture of liquid-sparying drones, the 3WD-TY-D10L is a highly reliable device with excelent performance.

  • Distancia between motors: 680 mm.
  • Weight without payload: 8,5 Kgf.
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 22,0 Kgf.
  • Endurance: 20 minutes.
  • Coverage area: 1 ha.
  • Spraying bar with: 1600 mm.
  • Automatic GPS navigation, altitud control and orientation.
  • 4 nozzles with automatic flow control.

While any of our UAVs can be operated via radio control, the set of ground support elements makes the use of the full functionality of the system possible. A laptop computer with the management software installed and a wireless communications link are necessary to obtain information from the flight parameters in real-time, planning and programming of missions and some calibration and maintenance functions.

The main characteristics of the ground control station are:

  • Adding waypoint by point-and-click using Google Maps.
  • Automatic generation of flight plans for surveying.
  • Visualization of inflight parameters and sending of comands in real-time.
  • Communication link with error correction at 915 MHz (unregulated frequency) with up to 250 Kbps and 100mW maximum transmision power.
  • Calibration and cofiguration functions.
Ground Station